Are you looking for a great service that businesses actually need? A company that pays you on time, every time, and has a proven track record and reputation for success. Do you want to earn recurring revenue and make your own hours? Well, come join the best team in the SEO digital marketing industry, Best Edge Tech!! Our company has done so well producing unparalleled results, we have decided to grow even bigger and want YOU to join us on the adventure!

The Best Edge corporations were established in 2009 and founded by Christopher Whitfield and have grown to include the most talented and successful professionals who had reached the pinnacle of the corporate ladder with other major internet marketing companies and wanted more.

Best Edge Tech provides only the best white hat practices, world-class transparent SEO, top-shelf Internet marketing services, and detailed monthly reporting to any type of business for the lowest cost and best return in the industry. We perform like no other agency! We like to bring the ‘personal’ into business because we like to have fun and get to know the client while being successful.

Our marketing services can be sold to ANY type of business, big or small. Everything we do is tailor-made specifically for the client, their competition, and their budget. Your job will be to identify a business in need of our services, but an SEO expert will be available to assist with any technical questions and or help to close the sale. In-depth training is provided, leads are available, one on one coaching is ongoing, but what we are looking for is that naturally gifted salesperson that can manage themselves, is a quick learner that loves money and success, and wants to be a part of a REAL company that offers REAL results and has a GREAT proven track record!

We have found that our valued teammates (salespeople) prefer to be 1099 independent contractors while earning a generous 20% RECURRING monthly commission and remain in complete charge of their own financial success. Example: You made a sale at $2000/mo., at 20% commission you would get $400 paid to you every month until that client cancels. Make 10 sales your first month and earn $4000. Add 10 more sales your next month and you are already earning $8000/mo. If you are a go-getter, salesperson extraordinaire that can do the math, you will easily see the income earning potential is limitless!!

If interested in this dream job, please send me a cover letter telling me why and what you can bring to the team, what experience you have and how motivated you are. If you would like to include your resume with experience that would be helpful. We are looking for the motivated SUPERSTARS to grow and expand with us. We love incentives, growth, and win-wins. If you prove you are a Super Star and aid in our growth, we WILL find ways for you to advance within the company so you can make even more money and increase your wealth. If you are bi-lingual or have international connections, please let me know!

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